Ahhhh…time to dust off the old blog. Anybody who knows me knows that life around here has been a bit crazy these days. So for the one or two of you who actually used to read this blog…I apologize. But now I see that I have reason to chime in briefly on things.

Hey…conservatives…yeah you. Do you think even one of you could bother to check the context of the “quote” you’re all ejaculating about all over the internet? One? Just one. Because taken on its own, that quote from President Obama (headline of this post) sounds horrible! I would fully agree with you if he said that, and that alone.

But guess what. He didn’t (transcript). Now I know this will be shocking, but Fox “News” edited that at a very convenient spot. Surprisingly, the point of his speech was not, in fact, to say, “Hey, business owners, here’s a big ol’ can of fuck off! Yeah, bitches! Suck it!” I know that’s what Fox “News” wants you to think, but that’s not quite reality. The goal of the speech was to point out that even if you own your own business, you didn’t do that 100% on your own. There is a lot of infrastructure built by the blood, sweat, and tears of a whole bunch of people that provided you with the opportunity necessary to build your business. That’s not taking anything away for your accomplishment. Not at all. It’s just merely pointing out that you have benefited from society whether you like to admit it or not.

I started my own consulting business and was quite successful for eight years before deciding to return to working for “the man”. But I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s because I worked harder than everybody else. In fact, there are tons of people who work way harder than I do but were never presented with the same opportunities. So if you’re a business owner who has the attitude that everything you’ve built was built by you and you alone, I’d say you’re pretty fucking arrogant.

And again…could just one of you look a little deeper than the hyper-sensational bullshit from a two-bit, corrupt “news” outlet? Good grief.

Man it’s good to be back!

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