Why Do I Loathe the GOP?

I’ve said it before but I think, given how much I bitch about politics, that it bears repeating. For what it’s worth, I am technically still a registered Republican (just too lazy to switch to Independent). Yes, I voted for W in ‘00 and in ‘04. I even held my nose to fend off the Palin stench and cast my vote for McCain in ‘08. Shut up…I had my reasons. See, I thought that the party cared more about reasonably-sized government and efficient use of tax dollars. I know, I know…I was delusional. Because what I’ve witnessed from the GOP in the past few years has been enough to make me do that face when you’re so astonished by what you’ve just seen or heard that your mouth sort of hangs half-way open, your eyes glaze over, and you truly look like somebody just asked you for a quick “off-the-top-of-your-head” answer to a differential equation.

What is it I hate about the party, you ask? It’s not everything, like many of you might think. Incidentally, notice how I have specifically called out “the party”. I don’t loathe Republicans. Most of my good friends are Republicans and are wonderful people who, even when we disagree, I admire and respect a great deal. It’s the true party leadership I can’t stand (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.) and their puppets in the actual government. If normal Republicans were running things, the party wouldn’t have this problem. There could be a discussion.

For example, I think that trickle-down economics is complete and utter bullshit. I think it sounds good and in theory, it seems feasible. But when I look at the actual data, I don’t see it playing out the way it’s being sold. That being said…I could be completely wrong. I’m certainly not an economist. I’m open to having it explained to me in a way that makes me see the situation differently. That’s a conversation we can have.

On something like immigration policy, however, I actually tend to fall more in line with conservatives. As heartless as it may sound, if you’re here illegally…sorry. I think I might even be open to the idea of ending birthright citizenship, although I haven’t completely thought that one through. This is something else, though, that I’m fully willing to be educated on and could change my mind.

So if I can agree with some points of view and disagree with, but respect, other points of view, why is it that I detest this party and its candidates so fully and completely?

Simple. Quit trying to impose your fucking “values” on me. I seriously could not give less of a shit what your particular god thinks should go on in my bedroom or anyone else’s bedroom. For that matter, I couldn’t give less of a shit what your particular god thinks about anything. If you do…that’s great! Have at it! But trying to impose your god on the nation’s public policy is indefensible.

If something is a good idea, like say, not killing people, I don’t need the sixth commandment to tell me that. And really, what does it say about you if the only reason you can give to not kill people is because an ancient, contradictory book says so? I’m not killing people because I happen to value life in its own right, not because I’m worried about some freakishly weird, sadistic punishment after I die.

Would it be okay if my religion instructed me to kick guys who wear sweater vests in the junk on a daily basis? What would you think of that, Rick Santorum? That’s what I thought. The fact is, you don’t want anybody else pushing their values on you, so you shouldn’t be able to do it either.

Rather than getting your asses so puckered up over who is getting married to who, why or why not people might be having sex, or anything else for which your only response is “uhhhh…cuz the Bible says so”, why don’t you try focusing on reasonably-sized government and efficient use of tax dollars? Until then, you can count this one vote that used to be yours as solidly not yours.

One thought on “Why Do I Loathe the GOP?

  1. In my view, based on the cowardliness of the GOP mmerebs, problems with the economy will persist… Let’s face it the GOP is purely a race based organization and their primary interest is to preserve white domination… You take, for instance, the monkey face plastered on Obama via email by a noted GOPer Marilyn Davenport in Orange county Calif. back in April. This was a blatant attack but what’s interesting is she wasn’t relieved from her post and in essence she only manifested what most GOP’s think. She’s just one part that’s a direct reflection on the “whole.” I can assure you they’re going to do everything in their power to take B.O. out of the picture… I noticed he mentioned we should “work harder,” well I believe it’s time for Blacks to start working harder for themselves… I say that to say that our ancestors worked harder on a 247 basis for “nothing!”May God continue to bless you..

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